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If you are an adult woman (or man) who is single or married or married and now single or whatever your certain situation, how’s that working out?

I truly hope the answer is “Great!” and if so, I am very happy for you. Keep it up. You may not be able to relate to the rest of this but then again, surely even if you yourself are happy, you still know those who this whole “modern” dating-relating-love-marriage thing isn’t going so hot for.

Have you ever wondered why? Why is everything so messed up? Why are so few people happy? How did we get here?

Let’s go back in time, about 40 years ago…even though it all started long before that. But we’ll eventually get there too.

Right before I was born, two things happened nearly simultaneously – the sexual revolution and the women’s liberation movement. All backed by the pharmaceutical development of the birth control pill right when a whole generation came of age. Kaboom. What had always been there smoldering,suddenly burst into flame.

Social norms that had existed for centuries (millennia?) were suddenly passe. Quickly discarded relics of an ancient age. The risk of pregnancy, always a deterrent (or a reason for shotgun weddings) was much less of a factor. The birds and the bees went wild. Anything went, everything went, and nobody could really even remember anymore how it went before or how it was supposed to go after that.

Now, fast forward a few decades. Everybody’s getting it on and life is one big groovy party, right? All peace and love and rainbows? World peace achieved? Happy, happy, joy, joy? The genders embracing like never before? Bliss? Well not exactly.

Like this guy, he sounds pretty pissed. Or this girl. Or this guy. Or this girl. Each with their own story and take on the new SMP (Sexual Market Place) and MMP (Marriage Market Place). None seem to be saying it’s all splendor in the grass. Well ok, maybe this guy. Or this one. But I digress. That’s a whole other blog post (or likely many!) as I explore all the different takes on the red pill world (yes, even from the domain of the PUA a.k.a. Pick Up Artists promoting Game) as I search for truth and understanding and share what I think of all this hullabaloo, from a female (but not necessarily feminist) perspective.

For now, I’ll just summarize: I am starting to realize we are all unwitting participants in the biggest social experiment in perhaps the history of the world. And what is largely the outcome so far?

Short answer: This S#&t Is All F*$ked Up! Not that I am saying no thing good has come of these changes, but to say it’s all progress is the ultimate in blue pill thinking.

So now what? I don’t even begin to pretend I know all the answers, but I certainly do have a lot of questions. Questions I now wish I had asked a long, long time ago. But better late than never. I’m going to be asking them now. And telling that story. And maybe I’ll even stumble upon some answers about the meaning of life and love along the way. Anything’s possible.

Welcome to the notes from a red pill girl. Read them if you dare. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it can also set you free.