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Today, Notes From A Red Pill Girl would like to voice support and solidarity with the larger manosphere in all its incarnations from male rights activism like reform of custody and child support laws to lobbying for more male contraceptive options to expanded awareness of men’s health issues to teaching men the art of the pick up.

Breaking news says some are trying to block a gathering of like minded men to discuss issues of importance to them at the June 2014 AVFM’s First International Men’s Conference in Detroit. Read all about that and how you can help here.

Notes From A Red Pill Girl is written by an independent-minded female journalist who is a strong believer in preservation all of our constitutional rights including the freedom to assemble and freedom of speech in all forms, not just those that conform to my own or society at large’s approved viewpoint. We strongly urge the leadership of our country of all political parties to uphold these freedoms we all hold so dear. Any weakening of these freedoms is a threat to all of these freedoms.

It is with highest hopes that these measures will not be enacted and that these men will be allowed to peacefully gather and attend this important conference as planned.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Let those who have ears hear