There’s an old saying “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” for a reason. According to one active Man-O-Spherian, next to “you know what” the next thing on a bachelor man’s mind is food.

If you first thought is, “Get it yourself!” well sister, we need to talk.

As antiquated as it may seem, the care and feeding of a man is an art and also can be the secret to a successful relationship.

Have you ever tried to talk to a hungry man? Good luck! You may as well be dancing with wolves for all it gets you, right?

On the other hand, talk of what’s for dinner at 3 p.m. is like tossing out a big old lure in the middle of a still, clear pond. Bam. He’s hooked. “I’ll be right there, can’t wait” will likely be the reply.

If like me you were raised by a “modern woman” who thought take out and frozen dinners were the epitome of home cooking, this can be an intimidating thought. Cook? Me? Are you kidding?

Yes, you. You can do this. In fact, if you look at cooking as a creative adventure, it can actually be fun and surprisingly fulfilling.

And thanks to the Internet, it’s never been easier! Simply type a few ingredients into a search engine and voila — a bunch of ideas for how to use them will appear, often with reviews and ratings and tips to make it even easier to nail it out of the park.

If you are a visual person, try going to and checking out the “food and drink” section. There they are, oodles and oodles of recipes with images to guide you every single step of the way. Now if only they could come up with a way to make them magically appear when you click on the image. Sigh…

With a little advance planning you can be sure to have several days worth of yummy goodness on hand. One married friend of mine who is an organization guru has a seven day schedule with breakfast, lunch, and dinner mapped out for every day of the week. Such advance planning can prevent the phenomenon of opening the fridge, staring in, and wondering what on earth you are going to make for dinner?

Another advantage of advance planning is that you can get a jump start on prep, saving valuable time later when everyone is hungry. The more you can do and plan in advance, the easier things will go later. The crock pot can be a very good friend indeed!

As you experiment, a  handful of go-to’s will emerge. And it never hurts to ask what his favorite meal growing up was and either getting the recipe for it or finding the closest version to it online that you can.

If you are single, depending on if he has a sweet tooth or a savory one, gifts of food at the start of a date (like cookies or snacks) are never a bad way to start a date off.

Then after a few successful dates, instead of going out to eat for a date, why not make dinner at his place or invite him over to yours instead? Pull out all the stops. Set the table. Use the good dishes.

Or plan a picnic in the park, a lunch by the river, or a snack under the stars. Whatever you do, make it delicious!

And enjoy the simple pleasures of a really good meal paired with really good company. Food bonds people, sharing a delicious meal is one of the most satisfying experiences there is. Chances are, it will be a moment he will remember.

(And if you burn the dinner or mess it up somehow and he just laughs it off instead of critiquing you, he’s a keeper!)

Here are a few of my tried and true go-to’s. Feel free to share yours, as well!

Crock Pot Short Ribs

Baked Cheesy Chicken Penne

Salmon Cakes

Bourbon Crack Chicken

Barcoba Beef

Coconut Ginger Chicken

Kielbasa and cabbage (serve over mashed potatoes, comfort food heaven!)

Let those who have ears hear!