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Recent events have increased awareness of a small corner of the virtual and real world known as “the manosphere.” But what is the manosphere? And what is it all about?

Loosely, as I understand it, the manosphere is a collection of blogs and websites created by men for men where they can discuss issues men face. The topics and content of these websites varies widely, and some are even in direct opposition to each others espoused philosophy or understanding on a certain issue (the most controversial as far as the main stream media likely would be where the manosphere intersects with the female world, and opinions about dating, love, sex, and relationships are the topic.)

While the manosphere is predominately male, that does not mean it is made up of men all in complete agreement with each other or in agreement of any one certain point of view.

Some examples of sub groups within the manosphere include (but are not limited to):

  • Married men talking to other married men about marital issues
  • Single men talking to other single men about issues surrounding dating, relating, and marriage
  • Men talking to other men interested in a lifestyle that does not involve marriage, and in some cases does not involve women romantically  at all
  • Single dads talking to other single dads about parenting and legal issues
  • Men of all relationship status talking to each other about issues men face in general
  • Men interested in discussion of men’s legal rights such as paternal rights, divorce law, sexual harassment laws, and the like
  • Men talking to other men about “guy stuff” like sports, hunting, fishing, motorcycles, fitness, career, self-improvement, and the like
  • Blogs written by women in reaction to or in support of men’s issues and how they impact women and relationships (some in the manosphere would consider these websites outside of the manosphere, not a part of it, as they are not written by men for men.)

And more…

Are men in the manosphere occasionally angry or bitter? Yes. Do some of these men who are angry and bitter have just cause to be angry and bitter? Yes.  Are all men in the manosphere angry and bitter? No.

Is everything written in the manosphere fact? No. Are facts discussed and debated? Yes. Is everything said in the manosphere truth? No. Is the truth discussed and debated? Yes. Do some men in the menosphere hold negative views of women or more specifically feminism? Yes. Do all men in the manosphere have a negative view of women? No. Do men in the manosphere sometimes say shocking things or express views other than the social norm? Yes. Do all men in the manosphere say shocking things or express views other than the social norm? No.

The manosphere is not a hate group, or a terrorist group, or even a cohesive single organization, as it has been portrayed by some in the main stream media.

Put another way, if men getting together and discussing topics important to men seems threatening, one should question whether women getting together to talk to other women about issues important to women is threatening? If they cannot say yes to the latter, they cannot in good consciousness say yes to the former.

In short, the manosphere is men talking to other men about being a man, on the Internet or in person at workshops and conferences. It is a loosely formed male community united around their common identity of being male. It is nothing more, nothing less.

The manosphere is actually really interesting.

Let those who have ears hear