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Ladies, do you ever feel like you are speaking French (or Vesuvius) and he is speaking German (or Martian) and there are no translators in sight?

The more I think about it, the profoundly different ways that the male and female mind work, likely create much of the strife in the battle between the sexes.

And if so, I am starting to realize that’s going to take a whole lot of patience, understanding, and hopefully a decent ability to play charades to make that work.

To complicate things further, each gender approaches the other more like they would like to be approached than how approach actually works for the opposite sex.

And then there are on top of that, lots of other problems, including a totally topsy-turvey sexual market place (smp) and marriage market place (mmp) that resembles the wild-wild west.

If any of you know how all that works, please share it in the comments, because I personally am stumped!

But I think it’s in everybody’s best interest to get it figured out. Or if not that, at least back up on all four wheels, ok maybe three good wheels and a partial flat, something better than this anyway.

Let those who have ears hear.