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Hey you, running around in pajama bottoms and flip flops, did you know guys cringe at gals running around in pajama bottoms and flip flops and letting it all hang out like nobody cares how you look?

Yep. they do.

Well if you are a college hottie you might get a pass, but in general guys like girls who look good.

I know, I know…how sexist. That’s objectifying and shallow. He should love me for who I am. Right?

Well sister, men are visual creatures like it or not. Very visual. As in they notice and rate every woman they run across in every situation all day long, apparently. From the gal at the coffee stand to the woman in line in front of them at the bank to the girl next door, all of them, all of the time. They aren’t consciously doing it. They just DO it.

Why? Who knows. I suspect it has something to do with their need not so long ago to be always alert to their surroundings because being super observant really helps one be a good hunter or warrior.

Likewise, when sizing up a potential mate, these men were looking for all the signs that said she’d be good at having babies. Studies show it is the very same signs of fertility that men are naturally attracted to.

And let’s face it, women are also attracted to men who look a certain way. Often the same signs that show he would make a fine hunter and warrior. So we must be sexist, too?

Now it is true, some women are already too keenly aware of their body image and obsess over every tiny flaw and spend entirely way too much time and money on their appearance already. This post is not for them. To them I would say, relax. Guys don’t like that either. And chances are you look great but are so uptight about it you can’t enjoy it.

However, there are many women who have taken it to the other extreme. They put little to no emphasis on their appearance, and yet they expect men to overlook all that.

The biggest thing a gal can do to improve her physical appeal is to maintain an ideal body weight. Not too fat, not too thin. With 2 in 3 women overweight or obese, this is an area where a gal can easily stand out from the crowd. But not with fad diets or crash diets or whatever, which only set up a boomerang effect that leads to even more weight gain in the future. Better to eat a highly nutrient rich but lower calorie diet made up of good, sound food than to try to subsist on less of the “typical American diet.” The Paleo Diet is a good example.

And be active. Eating well is where it starts because eating 400 calories is a lot easier than burning 400 calories, but regular and robust physical activity helps too because it builds muscle which in turn burns more calories day and night. And don’t worry, you won’t look like The Incredible Hulk if you work out. A women’s hormones keep muscle mass from building in the same way a man’s does. If you don’t like to work out, then adopt a strenuous physical hobby. Wake-board chicks have killer abs and are super lean as a side effect of that very strenuous sport, for example. And have you ever seen wake-board guys? Holy smokes! Not a bad “two birds with one stone” effect, if you know what I mean. Similar for other such active hobbies. Worth doing for the masculine eye candy alone!

Ok, then from there, think “feminine.” Long hair. Pretty dresses or skirts. Jewelry. Tasteful make-up. Shimmer. Sparkle.

Tasteful goes a long, long way. Looking feminine does not equal looking like a streetwalker. Leaving something to the imagination is far more powerful than letting it all hang out.

It’s not rocket science. And it doesn’t decrease your power or worth as a person or reduce the inner you. In fact, it increases your all around appeal. And whether you are married or single, looking good for your man or looking good for your potential man is not a bad strategy.

And by the way, a gal feels better about herself and more confident when she knows she looks good, too. So it’s not just for him.

Chances are the ones who will be complaining and getting all bent out of shape about this are the women in flip flops and pajama pants.