Ladies, if you want to better understand how (some) guys think, this video is worth a watch. While many men may not approach the art of the pick up as methodically as this one (who makes a living thinking about and teaching other men how to approach women) it’s a good lesson in why those accidental meetings and magic moments may not be quite as accidental as you might believe. Plus, it’s pretty funny. 


P.s. while this blogger can indeed be crude and rude and makes no bones about it, I don’t believe him to be the villain he’s been painted to be. In fact, by reading his blog I think women could learn a lot about what not to do if you don’t want to get picked up in a bar and then pumped and dumped. In a weird way, he and other pick up artists are doing everyone a favor by pointing out how easy it can be to pick up and bang women because let’s face it, it has become too easy. Don’t be easy. That’s the solution.

Let those who have ears hear.