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Today I am going to do a new interactive type of blog post I am going to call “Ka Boom Scenario: Readers Weigh In.” The idea is that I will post real world situations of ka boom life moments and you, the readers, are encouraged to reply in the comments with your “Dear Abby” style advice to those involved. Ok?

Let’s get started (and don’t forget to leave your advice at the end. I am very curious to see how you all respond!)

Ka Boom Scenario#1.

Family in Teen Parent Crisis (Real life situation, names/details have been changed.)

Setting the scene: Working class dad, sahm mom, married 11 years, together 5+ years before that.  In their mid-30s. Family has four children, 2 are hers from before (18 and 16) two are theirs together (11 and 6.) The couple has been struggling for some time over many issues, including the strife between dad and 16-year-old daughter (not his bio but he’s been there as dad since she was under two). The daughter is admittedly a self absorbed selfie snapping teen, sassy, disrespectful, etc. so he’s not necessarily “picking” on her, but the couple disagrees who to approach handling her.  The couple has split up several times for a few days to a week but so far has always gotten back together.

And then, ka boom!

Three days ago, 16-year-old comes home and announces smugly that she is pregnant. 9 weeks. And she did it on purpose. Because “she wants a baby and to be on her own.” Then she goes and posts all about how glorious it all is all over Facebook. Girl is set on having her very own real life teen mom reality show.

The baby’s father is a 15-year-old drop out born to a teen mom himself who herself has 4 kids, is unmarried, still lives at home with her mom and her own daughter (the boy’s sister)  is  a teen mom with a two year old. (Hope that makes sense, describing the teen dad’s own family situation.)

They (the teens) really had no relationship. It was a hook up. There is no interest on either side to make it a family or to marry or anything like that.

Ok readers, what advice would you give to this family (or actually families, so feel free to advise one, both, or any combo of the above, any person in the situation or all of them.)  Let’s hear your best red pill (or other) advice on this all too common modern day Ka Boom life moment. Go!

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