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I have not gotten a solid 8 hours of sleep in years. Last night I got three. Interrupted twice by a three-year-old yelling, “mommy” from the other room. The alarm will go off in 10 minutes. Then my day will start. A flurry of getting school clothes and lunches packed and kids dropped off followed by somehow getting 12 hours of work done in a five hour window before school is over and the babysitter drops the kids back off. And oh yeah, I am sick. But it doesn’t matter because it’s all me. If I don’t do it, nobody will. Like the laundry, dishes, gardening, housecleaning. I do all that, too.  Yep. Living the glamorous life. The single independant woman.

Who needs a man? Like a fish needs a bicycle, right?

What a crock.

Let those who have ears hear.