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Ok, this post is a bit different from the rest but I hope you all will play along. There’s always such great commentary here, this post is inviting the reader to school the author(ess) and her female readers on the unfulfilled needs and wants of men.

In this post I am hoping readers will comment in response to these questions: What don’t women get from a man’s point of view? How could women meet their man’s needs better? In your opinion what are women missing big time about the male side of relationships? What has a woman done for you in the past (or present) that you think most women should also do, but don’t? Being in a relationship, I am thinking in a relationship, but it could also be when dating, pre-dating, etc. At any stage.

It can be anything from buy him a beer or dinner to get up and make breakfast for him every day (or pack his lunch or make him sandwiches or whatnot) to wear lingerie (or not), whatever…maybe those are examples of what girls think guys want but they don’t…I dunno, that’s why I ask… I truly want to know, from a guy perspective… so go wild. There are no wrong answers. From the simple to the complex. Anything goes.

Female readers are also invited to ask their male partners, if they dare, and share what is said/learned.

I look forward to hearing what you all have to say from the male point of view about things women just don’t get, but should…