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Have you ever stopped to think about how all those roads you drive on everyday, and the electricity you rely on, and the operational phone and cell phone system, and those buildings, and microwaves, and bridges and even hairdryers were built? And who built them?

Men. Yep. By and large, men built them! Men who had conceived of, designed, created, and then produced and sold them. Truth is, those “misogynistic, bumbling, no good” men build civilization, and protect it, and keep it rolling along.

Now I am not saying women don’t do their part, and yes men are not having babies, but those are hairs we aren’t splitting here.

So what would happen to a world without men? Or a world where men have so given up on women that they just don’t care to build things, or fix them, or design them, or produce them anymore? Exactly how long until the toilets were overflowing, and the power was out, and a fire was raging, food supplies were gone, much less makeup or high heels, and there was mayhem in the streets? Yep. Not long. Not long at all.

I don’t know about you, sister, but I really can’t build things much past a pre-drilled, pre-assembled, all parts included kit — if that. I’d be lucky to get some curtain rods up if civilization ended.

“Educate yourself,” you may be saying. I have tried. I took woodworking class, and autoshop, and what I learned is that me and tools don’t mix very well.

In the years since I have also realized things don’t build themselves. They don’t build themselves at my house, they don’t build themselves in my town, they don’t build themselves in my state, and so on…

Men build things. Women need men to build things. Women need men to care about women so they will build things. All good reasons to be nice to men, show some appreciation, respect, and gratitude.

I know when I drive by a road construction crew these days I notice them — men. Men working hard. Men making civilization work. In all kinds of weather. In every season. Every day of the year.

To many women, men are invisible. Until their car breaks, or the cabinet drawer comes off the rail, or she can’t open that jar of pickles. She just assumes he will be there. But what if he wasn’t?

Men are actually a huge asset to our society. It might do us better to treat them as such. Because without men, things start to roll backwards, sometimes pretty darn quick.

So be good to the men in your life — we women need them, and their willingness and goodwill, to keep it all going and flowing and working.

Ooooom……consider it. Mind blowing, isn’t it?

Where would we be without men?

I hope we never have to find out.