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Let those who have ears hear…

Spawny's Space

Mrs. Yoda has graciously accepted an invitation to do a guest post.

Choices a big part of life they are.  Affect the present and the future they do.  But many creatures consider choices not.  An improvement in life by improving decision making very possible it is.  Of particular importance is that creatures choose happiness and contentment not.  Odd this would be.  Females seem to be afflicted strongly they are (but males afflicted also they would be).   Examples follow they do,

1. Always want more one does (and obsess they might)

2. Never forgive or forget some might

3. Be happy being unhappy some do (but not really happy they are)

4.  Selfish attitude ingrained it is (e.g. they make sammiches not)

Degoba a large swamp it is.  And life always easy it is not.  But non-obvious beauty there is.  Enjoy this planet I do.  And Yoda and I many pleasant…

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