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Do you know why you are dating? It seems like a simple question, but surprisingly it’s not.

Let me explain. At one time people dated as a way to meet their future spouse. Dates were focused more on establishing if it was a match than on the activity. Dating was supervised and approved of by a girl’s family members.

Today there is an aimlessness to dating, as if it is an endless exploration with no real goal or objective. People avoid topics like commitment or marriage because they don’t want to “spoil the mood.”

Often, sexual intimacy proceeds commitment or attachment as well, if there is any discussion of a relationship at all. It’s entirely backwards from how things worked in the past when sex came after attachment and commitment rather than before. Sometimes sex is used as a type of tool by women, in hopes sex will lead to attachment or commitment.

It would be wise for women today to approach dating more like it was done in the past. To view it as a way to find one’s life mate and to sort accordingly rather quickly, rather than to date aimlessly and/or haphazardly just for the “fun” of it. Don’t make the mistake of spending time with Mr. Wrong(s) in place of seeking Mr. Right.

If you aren’t ready for or wanting marriage, consider not dating at all and spend the time and energy on other pursuits rather than dating for dating sake.

What do you think?