There’s an acronym in red pill speak AWALT which is short for “all women are like that” in reference to the idea that all women have a certain set of operating principles that drive female behavior.

Often women who comment on red pill blogs will reject this idea and say NAWALT, short for “Not all women are like that.” Sometimes male bloggers will acknowledge the feelings of female readers with the NAWALT disclaimer, or it will be said to keep female readers from taking the red pill discussion or concepts too personally, which can right quick derail any productive inter-gender discussion.

A less often seen version is EWALT or “enough women are like that” which means enough women prove the rule to make the general assumption valid.

So are AWLT? Even me? The longer I honestly examine myself and women around me the more I have to admit yes, AWALT. Even if they won’t admit, can’t admit, or wish they were not. Like it or not, AWALT. Yep. Even me.

It’s called the female imperative, and it is deeply ingrained in all women and it is what makes women different from men.


And yes, women are different from men on almost every level (right down to each and every cell, even) because the experience, upsides, and downsides and all the rest of being a woman are totally different than those of a man. Women and men are not the same, not at all.

If it helps any, men have their own imperative which means AMALT.

The rules of society, largely jettisoned about 40 years ago, were what kept a cap on both gender’s imperatives. Or as they say, nobody got everything they wanted but everybody got some of what they wanted, and it was enough of a give and take that it was largely pretty functional and stable.

That world no longer exists, except in remote pockets of closed off religious sects. For the rest of us that means hell in a hand basket, a new world order, and almost everything you have been told is true or the way it works is not anymore, which btw isn’t working very well. (Don’t believe me? Just look around.)

Yep AWALT and AMALT. Society has subverted these truths but that has not changed them.

Don’t blame me, I didn’t design men or women, nor was I involved in the decision to radically change “the way it works” in what was perhaps the biggest social experiment of all time. (Thanks “Me” Generation! Said sarcastically.)

Like you, I am (as one manosphereian so aptly put it) simply sorting through the wreckage. Sorry if I am the first to deliver the news.

We can’t choose our imperative directives, or society, but hopefully on an individual level at least, we can recognize this and try to transcend the worst of our natural tendencies and to nurture the best rather than to be blindly driven around by them. Like it used to be.

Or not (See Miley Cyrus.)

Let those who have ears hear.