Something I have seen come up in red pill discussions more than once is how the exception is not the norm.

It’s a good point to ponder, as it seems many of the causes, social movements, and just outright over regulation today are being caused by thinking things are “happening all the time” when in reality those things are happening in less than 3 percent of such situations.

Take rape, for example. Don’t get me wrong, I think we all agree rape is wrong and should be reported to the police so it can be investigated, charges filed, a fair trial held, and then imprisonment of said rapists if found guilty, for the good of society. The victim should also get counseling or help rebuilding his or her life. (Yep, men get raped too.)

mi don’t really see a huge pro-rape movement that needs huge pushback. I think most if not all people (besides rapists) get that rape is not ok.

But somehow, despite statistics that show the incidents of rape have been declining for years, on campus after college campus you’d think every guy attending is a rapist. There are regulations and policies to the absurd to deal with the phantom issue. Girls are counseled to see nearly everything as rape. “Omg a guy I don’t like is looking at me. Eye raaaape.” Etc.

There are numerous other equally taboo-to-call out examples where something that affects a very very small percentage of society is for some reason thrust front and center, the hip cause du jour. And God help you if you disagree in public. These sacred “causes” are practically untouchable.

But the sad thing is, or maybe it’s intentional, so much energy and attention is being directed to these types of issues that the issues that affect the majority of us, you know like jobs, the economy, individual freedoms and rights, politics, the law, the future stability of our country and the world, well they are backburner if discussed at all.

Coinky dink?

The red Pill isn’t just about seeing reality in gender dynamics or about sex, it’s about reality in general and seeing the world that IS, not the world we wish/want/imagine/deny it to be.

Let those who have ears hear.