There’s a red pill concept called the shit test, or fitness test if you prefer, which is when women pick fights with their men in an attempt to see if he will push back on her. If he does, she will feel satisfied that he is a fit protector, if he caves she will lose trust that if push came to shove he would defend her. Men who are unaware of this  dynamic often cave in an attempt to make her happy, which actually does the opposite and leads to further shit testing. Unchecked, it can really get out of hand, and she turns into a harpy, unhaaaaapy, wench. It’s a very backward thing, and very destructive to a relationship. Just don’t.  Or perhaps more realistically bc it’s just something women seem to do, at least be aware of this and do your best not to. It is a sure fire way to destroy your own happiness and your family.  Build your man up, don’t tear him down.

This post is dedicated to a gal who has done this so much and so often I can hardly stand listening to it anymore. I can only imagine how her husband feels. Don’t be like her. Just don’t.

Let those who have ears hear.