What do men want in a woman? You might be surprised!

For the past two years I have been listening to men talk about what they want from women via red pill message boards and it basically boils down to they want them to look pretty, be feminine (long hair, dresses, jewelry, grace, poise, etc.) not be overweight (but not rail thin either, just proportionate), have some domestic skills (interest in nesting and cooking) and to have a pleasant personality. Oh and of course to be passionate about him!

It’s actually pretty simple. Do the above and you’ll be ahead of 80 percent of your peers.


Apparently they prefer the above over your education, career, and accomplishments. (That’s what women are interested in about men, not the other way around.)

Maybe it’s “sexist” but they are the opposite sex. And they are not going to change, no matter what it says in Cosmo.

Let those who have ears hear.