There are two women I know through work who suffer from what I call “harpy syndrome” to the detriment of all involved. Trust me -don’t go there!

With these two, both sahm, it’s never enough, it’s never right, it’s never good. Problems, problems, problems. These gals can go into minute detail over each and everything wrong in their life/spouse/property/children/etc. like a dripping faucet, the complaining just goes on and on.

From my perspective their lives actually look pretty good. They really want for nothing materially, their husbands earn the family income, they raise the children, and now that the kids are in school they have lots of time for their own hobbies and interests, too. They have nice homes, nice cars, and nice things.

Oddly I rarely hear them talk about the good things in their lives, or about any solutions to these well laid out and extensive list of negatives they see themselves suffering under. Nope, just the same old harping about all that’s wrong.

in both cases their marriages are, no surprise, “a problem.” And they tell their husbands so on a regular, if not daily, schedule.

Both fantasize that getting rid of their spouses via frivorce, and living the good life. But they have NO concept of how it will work later.

What I wish both these gals could see is that nobody’s life is perfect or easy. There are always negative, but there are always positives, too.

Focusing on ones problem like a broken record is a sure fire way to make your spouse and children unhappy and to fill a home with discord rather than joy.

Complaining, or not, is a choice. So is choosing to be positive vs negative.

If you see something wrong, try to resist the urge to harp on it. Look for the upside instead, and be cheerful and great full and happy! It works so much better.

Let those who have ears hear!