A girl I knew in college’s mom gave her some excellent advice, while other moms were teaching their daughters how not to get pregnant, she was telling hers, “bake cookies.”

This girl was stunningly beautiful in that fresh scrubbed type of way, delicate features, petite, and with long curly hair that always seemed to be in perfect ringlets. She was sweet and kind and never said a harsh word about anyone. Adorable would be the word.

Yep, and bake cookies she did, with her mom, on Saturday nights when all the other girls were out dating up a storm.

Sure enough her sophomore year this girl got engaged, to the pastor’s son no less, and they married soon after. I lost touch with her but somehow I bet that all worked out and maybe by now she’s teaching her own teenage daughter to bake cookies.

The old ways may not be so popular these days but I have yet to meet a guy who can resist an expertly baked warm oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.

Let those who have ears hear.