For several decades, social trends have pushed for equality between men and women. On the surface it all sounds good, but is it?

The trouble with equality is it seems the group demanding it often doesn’t stop at equality, but pushes for the special rights and privileges they percieve the other group has enjoyed all along.

However, often overlooked are the drawbacks, counterbalances, or responsibilities that came along with the supposed “privilege.” Or in other words, the group seeking equality often wants the upsides without the downsides. They expect the other group to continue to absorb the downsides while losing the upsides, adopt the downsides their group previously carried, and to not gain any of the privileges associated with being part of their group.

In other words, it becomes a land grab and the new deal is anything but equal.

Today we seem to live in a world that is tolerant of anything but intolerance. Has this created utopia? I’d argue not. Not for any involved, actually.

There is a reason why the old ways work. They developed very slowly over many centuries, with I am sure much trial and error. If anything the old ways provide privileges to both sides and downsides to both sides, more yin and yang than equal-shmeequal. And as imperfectly perfect as it was, it seemed to work well enough for all — men, women, and children.

Compare and contrast that with how things are working for men, women, and children today.

It’s all in the Book, by the way. Great life advice whether you consider it fact or fiction.

Let those who have ears hear.