Have you ever heard of a hen party? It’s when two or more women get together and then talk about everything that’s wrong in their relationships.

On the surface, hen parties seem to be about mutual commiseration and support. But really what they breed is negativity and dissatisfaction. They encourage “the glass is half empty” thinking.

The same with talk shows and other negative based reality television and the like. Such shows only get ones mind spinning about everything that’s wrong, sometimes creating discontent out of thin air.

Time and again I have noticed happily married women are the ones who avoid these man bashing sessions and who never speak ill of their partner in public. Not because he is perfect and they just got lucky, but because such women know that loyalty and respect are important relationship building blocks, and that they are a team, not on opposite sides.

To bad talk one’s partner is a betrayal of the team. It’s literally switching sides, aligning more with the hen party than with your mate. It’s a recipe for disaster and discontent. Just don’t.

Let those who have ears hear.