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For a long time, as I followed the manosphere, I would see guys talking about “sammiches” or “sandwiches” and how they wanted girls to make some. I didn’t get the reference, and frankly was afraid to ask in case it stood for some sort of innuendo. Well finally I did ask, and sure enough they were talking about exactly that — wanting women who make sammiches.

I did not realize it was such a rarity for a woman to make a sandwich these days, but apparently it is. I mean, how hard is it really to make a sandwich? It in most cases doesn’t even require cooking! But apparently it’s a big deal.

I didn’t believe it myself until my recently frivorced friend “Red” helped me out one day at my biz, and in exchange I packed him up a lunch to take to his new job. It included a BBQ pulled pork sandwich, with homemade coleslaw, and a big sesame seed bun. All packed separate because I didn’t want it to get soggy. Also included were chips, a soda, mini carrots, an apple, and some cookies.

Well apparently when “Red” pulled out his lunch that day at work, it caused quite a commotion. He said the other guy all clustered around him, with their fast food lunch sacks, hanging on his every bite. “Where on earth did he get that sandwich?” they asked. When he admitted a woman friend had packed it for him, they could hardly believe it was true!

For the next two weeks he said the guys at work talked about that sandwich, dreamed about that sandwich, and that I am somewhat of a living legend at his work now for packing it. Who knew?

And you know what? “Red” isn’t red pill. He had no idea about this sammich thing. So there is no way he elaborated. But when he told me the tale, I realized what the red pill guys had been saying was all too true. Sadly, he also commented that in 10 years of marriage, his wife had never packed his lunch even once!

So if you have a man, pack him a beautiful lunch. He’ll not only eat a bit healthier than burgers and fries, he’ll also be the envy of his peers, and apparently an uncommonly lucky man!

Make sammiches!

Let those who have ears hear.