A gal I know has been struggling with her teen and pre-teen kids lately. They won’t listen. They disobey. They ignore what she says. They do whatever they want. And they have no qualms about treating her with disrespect, contempt, and open destain.

The other day, after her 14-year-old daughter rolled her eyes, said, “whatever,” stomped off, and slammed the door, her mother once again started to wail that she “just doesn’t know what to do about these kids.”

Like a light clicking on I suddenly saw it, her kids were treating her exactly how she treats her husband!

Yep, a very possible cause behind today’s lack of respect for parents and authority in general could be traced back to the fact that not only do women today want equality (and special rights on top of that) they more and more just want to run the show.

A woman who shows respect for her husband as the leader of their tribe, and who herself defers to his authority is showing her children that life includes heirarchies. That sometimes life isn’t a democracy.

Egads, talk about an unpopular idea these days, everyone not being equal! But it’s simply a fact of life, even for grown ups. The teacher is in charge. The boss is in charge. The police have authority. And if you really want to see something scary, try arguing with a judge.

Not fair that men always get to be the leader, one might say? Well men would tell you they don’t. Men naturally fall into a hierarchy rank in every situation, without them even discussing it. One will be the “alpha” and the rest will follow suit. In most cases it’s situational, a man who is the alpha in one group may not be in another, and so on. It’s not about opression, it’s simply about natural order. Men have always understood this, even they recognize not everyone can be in charge and everyone can’t be equal. It’s just life.

So moms, if you want your kids to listen to and respect you, to follow your lead, and to  avoid run ins with authority in general, the best way to achieve that is to listen to the man in your home and the men in your family, respect their authority, and be a good role model of a cheerful follower yourself.

Yep, I really did just say that!

Let those with ears hear.