Have you ever noticed how watching talk shows or other programs featuring the worst behavior humanity has to offer can put you in a terrible frame of mind yourself?

It’s almost as if emotions are contagious, or can be absorbed from others. For this reason it’s good to beware what you let in, so you don’t sink to the depths of the lowest common denominators yourself.

The same can be said for the people in one’s life. I have to admit I have long had an affinity to folks who are struggling, and I find a lot of satisfaction from trying to help people out. But I have to watch this tendency, so that I don’t get bogged down myself.

And I have come to also realize sometimes people are so toxic and troubled yet hell bent on their ways that it’s best to limit your direct exposure to them altogether and to pray from afar that they will figure things out in time. They are simply too toxic!

Even the news can have this negative affect because mostly news is about what’s going wrong, not what’s going right.

It’s just so much easier to live a positive happy life when you consciously surround yourself with positive and happy people and ideas. And when you yourself are positive and happy, you pass those same emotions on to others!

Let those who have ears hear.