In contrast to yesterday’s post, today I’d like to share the story of a group of women who came to my business last weekend.

The four women were all mid-40s. As they were talking it came out that they had not only all known each other from middle school, all four had gone on to marry their first boyfriends. And all four were still happily married!

So I of course had to ask what they thought of the advice given to young girls today that they need to “explore” rather than settle down young?

All said they didn’t feel they had “missed out” on anything, and one admitted she’s glad she was her husbands one and only sexual partner, and she his. Knowing it was a big relief for her, she said. They had been together since they were 15.

All four talked excitedly about their husbands and children. They were refreshingly positive and drama-free. Instead they seemed to be deeply connected to their partners, kids, and each other as friends.

They were all attractive, multi-faceted women with interests and hobbies, not sheltered Stepford wife types or boring plain Janes whatsoever, nor did they seem to be uptight, closeminded, or overtly religious.  If anything, they were probably some of the coolest and most interesting gals I had met in some time.

It’s rare today to meet couples who are each other’s “one and done.” In fact today, social norms would probably consider it “weird.” But from what I saw, it hadn’t seemed to harm any of those gals, and in fact they seemed remarkably happy and content.

Let those who have ears hear.