In college, I worked a student-hire job at a small  military base with a special ops unit.

Besides being an awesome job, it also gave me a huge respect for these men who had said, “Hell yeah” when asked how they felt about being dropped behind enemy lines in the most dangerous places on the planet without any guaranteed ride home.

At that time there was a gal on base who wanted to be one of them more than anything. She had one of the most pure spirits I had ever met, and I have no doubt she would have given anything to be among them. But back then, women could not be in combat positions, much less special ops, teams who went in long before there was any official “going in.”

I don’t doubt this gal thought with every fiber of her being that she could and would do the job. She was a fine soldier, no doubt. From what I saw she had no chip on her shoulder, no feminist agenda. She simply saw greatness and wanted to be a part of that.

And yet, when I watched the movie, “Black Hawk Down” I realized why this was not meant to be. As I watched I could not fathom how men could not abandon the weak and the wounded to save themselves.

It is simply in the female genetic code to survive. To survive personally. To submit rather than to die. No matter how logically a woman may think she would not, the reality is she will.

Women can be of huge support to men, including in the military. In fact “to protect their women” even idealogicaly is a large part of why men from time unrecorded have fought and died in battle.

If women want to help, the best way is not to demand they can become special ops soldiers, but instead to be the pin-up who is waiting to welcome him home.

Let those who have ears hear.