Are you familiar with the concept of “safe spaces?” On the surface they certainly don’t sound harmful, but they actually are a threat to the very ideals our country holds so dear.

Safe spaces are areas set aside where supposedly grown adult college students retreat to so they aren’t exposed to any alternate point of view or type of person they disagree with.

Rather than realize the world is filled with all sorts of people and that dealing with that is part of life, they demand “someone” (usually the university) protect them from alternate points of view.

When I was in college this world was only beginning to take shape. There were hints of this new order to come but it hadn’t gained full momentum. Freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and open spirited debate were fully encouraged. Such activities lead to thinking, discussion, and the consideration of alternate viewpoints.

It was kind of the point of college, in fact, to teach students to be future leaders, to break them away from the drone group think model they had been exposed to in high school intended to prepare the to be good little cogs in the machine.

Safe spaces are unsafe to the ideals of freedom.  It’s akin to the conditions that eventually lead to incidents like The Salem Witch Trials.

Safe space seekers, I challenge you to challenge yourselves. Go out in the world and expose yourself to people who are radically different from you. Debate and discuss. Endure alternate viewpoints. You can do this snowflake, I know you can.

Our nation needs leaders who don’t require safe spaces and censorship. So stop being a baby, put on the big kid pants, and get out there. Chances are you’ll find a lot of what you are afraid of are simply boogey- people of your own imagination.

Let those who have ears hear.