Feminism, the idea that women can do or be anything that men can be, that women and men can be the same and equal in every way, can’t work because it is based on a flawed premise to begin with.

Men and women are not exactly the same minus the genitals. Men and women are different right down to a cellular level — XX or XY.  Men and women are biologically different, and that’s an undeniable scientific fact.

That’s not to say women and men can’t be separate but equal. Or that either male or female is “better” or “best.” More like they are two halves of one whole.

Things would actually work a lot better if women would recognize and accept this rather than continue to demand the government make everything equal, as if the government is some sort of parent who has to make sure everything is “fair.”

Women actually have the easier part of the deal, to manage home and hearth, so I am not sure why they demanded to go out to work everyday, fight on the front line, or do all those things men do (and are made to do that women are not) anyway.

At best a feminist world will never truly be self sufficient, equal, and autonomous.  Feminism will always require an outside force, likely government and a socialist system, to make it work. If women give up on the provision and protection of invividual men, they will still demand it collectively from all men.

And that’s not really fair or equal, now is it?

Let those who have ears hear.