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Ladies, have you heard of the terms “sexual market value (SMV)” and “marriage market value (MMV)?” If not, they are red pill terms for how men rank a woman’s (and women rank a man’s) desirability for sex and marriage.

This is a really touchy subject, and one many people get up in arms about. However it is also powerful information you can use to your full advantage after you understand it.

Similar to a 1-10 scale, the higher the number, the more desirable a person is and the more options they will have. SMV and MMV are slightly different, as someone can have a high SMV ranking (they are hot and get lots of attention) but not a high MMV (for some reason they aren’t good marriage material.)

It’s also important to note that women’s SMV and MMV are at their highest in the early to mid 20s while a man’s SMV/MMV peak comes in his mid to late 30s. Why?

Much of a woman’s SMV and MMV is based upon her physical appearance and fertility while a man’s is based upon his material wealth, status, and power.

It’s also important to note that fair or not, a woman is at her physical and fertility peak a full decade younger than a man is at his wealth, status, and power peak.

Now you can say that’s sexist, or unfair, or not true*. But on a biological level, it’s simply reality. It’s the rare woman who looks better at 40 than she did at 22, and no woman is more fertile at 40 than she was at 22.

Unfortunately many women today focus on their SMV in their youth, and don’t consider how the actions she takes in her teens and 20s could either positively or negatively affect her MMV. Or in other words, short term gains in SMV can lead to big losses in MMV.

Perhaps the guys can weigh in here: Is it so? And if it is, when it comes to SMV vs. MMV, what ranks at the top of your list?

[* And remember, men are not immune to this effect either. A man who is naturally good looking, for example, may have a high SMV in his teens and 20s, but if he’s not also building up his MMV factors via education, job experience, financial stability, and status, he may find it harder and harder to attract women with age.]