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I have mentioned this before in passing, but I wanted to share an idea that I have found greatly helps me to make better life choices.

I ask myself, when tempted to do something I know I probably shouldn’t, “Isn’t my life complicated enough?”

And the answer is always, “Yes, yes it is.”

The decision suddenly becomes very clear. Pass.

It also makes a handy line for when someone is trying to talk you into something you know you shouldn’t do. Like my old neighbor Hercules, when he made a quite unexpected pass at me one day in my kitchen despite his being married at the time, and my neighbor, and his wife was my friend, and our kids all played together.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s very attractive. We could have. Nobody would have known. And he was being quite aggressive in his attempts to convince me, not taking my initial “no” for an answer.

So I just said, “Isn’t my life complicated enough?” It stopped him dead in his tracks because even he knew, “Yes, yes it was.”

Awkward moment averted with no hurt feelings. And a complicated situation that could have (let’s be real, would have) been an absolute train wreck avoided.

When in doubt about a life choice, feel free to try it yourself. It hasn’t steered me wrong yet!

Let those who have ears hear.