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Ladies, you’ve probably been told you whole life that because you are a woman, you are a victim. That you’ll have to work harder, for less, and still never be taken seriously because you aren’t a MAN.

Wow, that bites. Except you know what — it’s only true if you believe that it’s true.

Yep. If you believe being a woman will lead to your being harassed, assaulted, taken advantage of, underpaid, controlled, coerced, and unappreciated chances are those beliefs will turn into a self limiting, self fulfilling prophecy. And the only person whose fault that would be is your own.

At least in the United States, there’s probably never been a better time to be a woman from an opportunity perspective. If anything, one could almost argue that today, being a woman makes it easier to do or be anything you want to be than ever before in history thanks to programs and quotas and changes in the law implemented over the past forty-some years.

So do yourself a favor and drop the victim label (yes, even you Hill@ry!*) If anything, it will only hold you back. And why on earth would you want that? Personal responsibility — seize it, sista! If it ain’t working, try looking within.

And actually, I have never understood why women seem to think being a man makes everything so easy anyway. Believe it or not, it sucks to be a man sometimes, too!


* maybe it isn’t sexism, maybe some people (including women) just don’t want YOU as POTUS.