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A commenter on a Red Pill blog I used to follow (Just Four Guys, which unfortunately is no longer online) once said something I think is an idea worth sharing, and one not shared nearly enough.

He told the tale of twice being on the verge of proposing, and twice changing his mind after having this conversation with his potential life mates:

Him: What are you looking for in a relationship/marriage?

Her: (She easily comes up with a long list of must have attributes, ways the relationship/marriage would benefit her, what she would expect from him, etc.)

Him: And what would you bring?

Her: (Blank confused stare, crickets…)

In both cases, he realized that she had not given any thought, not even in passing, about what she would BRING to a relationship, simply what she would GET from a relationship. And for him, that was a deal breaker.

So ladies, take heed. Next time you find yourself making a list of what HE needs to do, be, give, etc. (which by the way, often leads to feelings of unhappiness, lack, and dissatisfaction if you are making that list about a current partner, much less a dream one) try switching it up and thinking about what YOU could do, be, and give instead.

After all love is a two-way street, isn’t it?

Let those who have ears hear.