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In my daily round, I often look for that “teachable moment” to share some Red Pill thinking. I never say the term “Red Pill” nor do I explicitly give direct advice. Rather, I find it works a lot better to slip it in during a normal conversation, hopefully planting a seed that will take root. It’s amazing how often people seize upon that alternate Red Pill point of view like a person lost in the desert rejoices to find water.

For example, when gal pals or female colleagues complain and moan about their husbands or talk about frivorce, instead of commiserating, validating, or giving them the typical “you go girl” advice, I will will take the husband’s side, play devils advocate, or tell stories of other women who took the frivorce path and ended up much worse off for it. I urge them to focus on what they can do to make it better, not what their husband’s need to do.

Likewise, when other single women bemoan that there are “no good men” I will point out the many very real risks men face in today’s gynocentric culture and why they might be (rightly) hesitant to commit. Or if I know enough about her approach to men and dating, I again might tell a “story” to illustrate a mistake she’s making (entitlement, solopism, not bringing one’s girl game, etc) in hopes she will get the message and make some much needed changes to her attitude and approach.

Most importantly, I look for these moments with my two kids. My hope is that unlike most girls, they will not buy into the current social dogma, but be both inoculated against it and enlightened about its shortcomings. For example, I look for opportunities to reinforce that they are not victims, that gender is not a social construct, that its OK to be unabashedly feminine and female, that social justice warriors weaken the rights of all rather than protect them, that they don’t need to “explore their sexuality” as teens/young women with every Tom, Dick, and Harry, that to be a wife and mother is not a “waste of their lives,” that self actualization and old fashioned hard work is the path to success not entitlement, and so on.

Of course sometimes these seeds fall upon fallow ground, but it is exciting when I do see them take root. Similar to when I stumbled across the Red Pill myself and the light clicked on, a lot of people simply don’t know what they don’t know and they aren’t going to find it in the main stream media.

While you go about your day, keep an eye open for those teachable moments. Who knows you might save a marriage, prevent a heartbreak, or steer a little girl away from a lifetime of confusion and misery. It’s worth a shot. After all if we aren’t here to leave the world a better place than we found it and to touch the lives of others in a positive way, why are we here?

Let those with ears hear.