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In the fine tradition of Red Pill shiv master Chateau Heartiste, today we will play a little game called Alpha or beta?

The idea is to access, from subtle body language tells in photos, if a guy is Alpha or beta.

Today’s candidate comes to us via frequent commenter Ton, who shared a news article on the Alpha/beta handing out a flower to each and every girl (900 of them) in his high school for Valentine’s Day.

Ton writes:

“Here’s a guy who will never be laid; maybe he should pack up and move to that yankee city with the platonic cuddle clubs.”

So, like the girl I am, I immediately visited the Alpha/beta’s Facebook page to snoop and found some photos of him and the ladies. From this, I am not so sure his grand gesture has not made him a hypergamy target in the small fickle pond that is his high school. (Utah, need I say more?)

I replied:

“@ Ton I dunno, rose boy seems to have a blonde hottie admirer, click thru to his Facebook!”

In typical Ton fashion, he replies:

“As if likes of FaceBook etc equals being balls deep in said hottie?”

So, dear readers, let’s have a look. What do you think — Alpha or beta? Let us know in the comments, and why you think so.





And with his previous girlfriend (also a looker, I’d say. Possibly blondie before coloring her hair, although to me blondie looks to be a natural blond? Hard to say.)



What do YOU think, my friends? Alpha or beta?