For those of you from generation X, like myself, you may remember this very popular Van Halen song:

It’s a somewhat common cultural norm to assume that teenage males would be more than happy to get it on with their “hot” teacher, while the same age girl having a sexual relationship with a male teacher (even a “hot” one) would automatically be viewed as child molestation, always.

Hummm…let’s think about this…

A 15-year-old male high school student in LA who had such a “relationship” with his female teacher recounted this about the experience:

Yeh and the student first had sex when they went to his place to play video games, the student claimed.

“She started rubbing my face, calling me cute, handsome,” the teen told KTLA. “She started kissing me and from there we had sex.”

The teen said the summer affair didn’t turn out to be his idea of an exciting romance.

“Eat, go somewhere, come back, have sex,” he told the station. “I didn’t feel like I was in a relationship. I felt like I was kind of obligated.”

Sounds more like coercion/sexual assault than male fantasy come true to me.

Here is the teacher:


Often such cases are laughed off, or people might say the boy “got lucky” if the teacher is good looking. And it reveals a seldom discussed taboo — the belief that men (or boys) can’t be molested/sexually taken advantage of/raped by a woman.
But women can be molesters, can’t they? Women can abuse power too, can’t they? Is it really any different? Shouldn’t these female teachers get the book thrown at them just the same as a male teacher would (sex offender registry and all?)
Personally, I would argue it is an abuse of power just the same as if a male teacher did the same with a 15-year-old female student and that both should be held to the same standard of prosecution and punishment.
Actually it is surprising how many of these cases have come to light in recent years. It seems to me even MORE cases than male teacher/female student ones. Perhaps some of our commenters remember the cases and can provide links?
Double standards — good for the goose, good for the gander? Good for the goose but not for the gander? Sound like we need to make cooked goose both ways?
(As an aside, my own sixth grade teacher, a thin and fairly attractive (but quickly aging) blonde single mom in her 40s but with an icky cougar vibe, wore skin tight jeans and skimpy tank tops to class every single day. While I never heard any allegations of her getting it on with male students, she most certainly did toy with them and their emerging hormone-fueled sex drive, likely for her own “wall denial” validation. I wonder now why anyone within the school district didn’t have a word with her about her – daily – ) inappropriate attire? )
What do you think? Is a female teacher having sex with an underage student child molestation just the same as a male teacher/female student, or not? Please add your thoughts in the comments.