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On yesterday’s post, commenter ballista74 shared a link to a blog post at his place I wanted to call attention to. You can find that post here, it is part of a longer series, all well worth reading to help you understand the sexual/marriage market we find ourselves navigating today, how it has changed, and why that’s not working out so great.

He shared a graphic that really breaks it all down, how the path from meeting someone to marriage, even for traditional marriage-minded folks, has all but disappeared with no clear path to take its place. I hope he will not mind me reposting it here:


Thing is ladies, it’s kind of like that old saying, “If you don’t know where you are going, any path will get you there.”

Instead of following the other mating lemmings off the cliff and hoping the fire department has put out a crash pad at the bottom to save you, I’d highly suggest gals absolutely define what they want, and then come up with a solid strategy for getting there.

??? + somehow does not = (courtship) marriage.

Hanging out/hooking up does not reliably = marriage.

My advice? Don’t play the lotto with your life and future. Have a plan. Work your plan.

I think ballista74 has hit the nail on the head. What do you think?