The Fourth of July seems as appropriate as any day to bring up the topic of what masculinity has done for civilization and life as we know it.

Over the past 40 or so years, masculinity has become demonized in a similar way that femininity has. Men and boys are told to not be so loud, so aggressive, so physical, so boisterous, so stoic, so territorial, so dominant, and so on. And for goodness sake, never play act like you have a weapon and are a superhero (shock, horror, and counseling sessions…)

Instead they have been encouraged by almost all social forces (including in many cases the church) to “explore their feminine side,” be comfortable with their emotions, be meek, be vulnerable, show their feelings, not fight back, not fight at all, etc.

This post at another blog got me reflecting on where we might be in the past, present, and future without masculinity?

The founders of the United States were not hesitant to be men. And look at the result. A nation founded on freedom, independence, self determination, democracy, safety, security, private individual rights, and many more worthy values. Values all who live in the United States take for granted as givens today, forgetting perhaps they were hard won and at great cost (symbolized by the very fireworks set off in mass tonight.)

Why would we encourage American men not to be men today? In order to “tame” them? That may seem like a good idea until one realizes, tame the “man” out of men, plus add little incentive otherwise for them to be noble, heroic, or for the greater good due to ridicule, anti-male divorce and custody laws, and other social norms that make men think twice about getting involved with women at all due to the risk, and well… crickets and pansy boys crying for you to fight for them may be the response in womankind’s time of need.

Just saying…


p.s. this post is not meant to criticize the male response to the feminine imperative — demanding all in its favor. It is meant to help those who are female question, are we driving men away, or endearing them? A good question to ask because biologically and for survival they need us less, much, much, much less than we need them, btw. Yeah, I know it’s taboo to say that these days… but that does not make it untrue. Take away civilization and the protection it affords women and children and that would become abundantly clear, abundantly fast… being nice to men and appreciating them for who they naturally are and what they naturally do is not that hard, is it? In fact celebrating it and encouraging it is the very basis of civilization itself. Why would they, if not appreciated? Hummm….