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Have you ever noticed that women tend to be very selective about which parts of the equality pie they actually want when it comes to equal rights?

For example, women want to be doctors, lawyers, or CEOs, but I never have heard any woman question why garbage collectors are mostly men, or fight to bring that ratio closer to 50%. No. Women don’t want the downsides of being “just like a guy” only the upsides, only the gravy, or for the sweets people, the cherry on top.

Well sisters, that ain’t equality! Simple as.

As I have written about before, men do a lot of the suck jobs and the boring jobs and the dangerous jobs and the hard jobs that make life work. And they don’t expect a gold star for it. (But a sandwich and a smile and a “thank you” would sure go a long way.)

Also note, equality is not the same as extra rights. People don’t like to play with those who demand they get every toy in the sandbox and that everything always goes their way. For many women equal rights seems to be translating into “I can do whatever the hell I want and if you cry foul, you’re a sexist hater!” (Or worse.) The oppressed become the oppressor. Again, that’s not equal.

Anyway, talk amongst yourselves 🙂 What do YOU think equality is all about? Is it even possible? Ideal?