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A recent episode of someone getting off Scott free, seemingly because she is a girl and well while she was admittedly careless…that should be excused because…well…girl pass…got me thinking, how can women claim to be capable of being equals (much less leaders) when they don’t admit and take full responsibility for their mistakes? Or when society does not hold them to an equal standard, as well?

This builds on the last post — women need to choose if they are indeed really and willing to be full equals including all the downsides of that as well as the upsides, or we need to affirm that we are the weaker vessel and need/want the girl pass. What we can’t do is have it both ways, depending on convenience.

Personally, I recognize my limits. Not that I don’t take responsibility and accountability for my actions. I am equal in some ways, not even close in others. Such is life. And I am OK with that.

Discuss, debate… what do YOU think? And please, be civil to one another even in disagreement — it’s OK to agree to disagree. It’s not ok to attack, shame, name call, or bully. Not here, anyway. My blog, my rules! And I am waaaay too busy to babysit comments, so please behave.