Like many women of my generation, I was raised with ridiculously high expectations.

I cannot remember anyone ever saying, “when you are a wife or mom…” but I can recall plenty of times where I heard, “When you go to college, when you have a career, etc.”

So I went to college. I had a lucrative and impressive career.ย And apparently when that wasn’t good enough, I decided to open my own business. I work all the time. People admire all I have accomplished. I’m “a somebody.”

Yep. I am a success by all accounts. Except more and more often lately I am wondering if what I should really do is give up the superwoman act, hang up the cape, and “just” be a mom and wife?

What good is being a superwoman if I am missing my children’s childhoods because I am always working? What good is being a superwoman if all I ever seem to talk or think about is my business and career? What good is being a superwoman when that quest has led to failed relationships and out of wack priorities?

I am seriously toying with the idea of chucking it all and being a nobody. Yep. A failed superhero.

I feel guilty even thinking about it. And yet I am thinking about it more and more and more.

Yep. I might just go ahead and waste my potential, go back to the kitchen, and while I am a little old for being pregnant, I could at least be barefoot.

I have lived the superwoman life and to be honest, I am over it.

First female president? Not me.

Nope. Super hero out!