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An article recently linked to a post by a feminist on Twitter claiming all men are rapists and should be shot.

Think about that. All men should be shot? All men are rapists?

Now imagine someone saying all women are (X) and should be shot. Or all people of color? Or all gay people? Or all transgender people? Certainly there would be an outcry.

Hate speech is hate speech, no matter who is saying it. And it’s not OK.

In fact, it’s more than not OK. Anyone (including women) saying such things are a threat to a functional and orderly society.

First of all, all men ARE NOT rapists. Clearly they are not. Rape is a violent and horrific crime and to call anything less than the true definition of  that “rape” minimizes what true rape victims have experienced. This is rape. A guy looking at you in the cafeteria is not.

As one commenter raised, just who did she propose would round up and shoot all these men? Would she expect other men to do it for her? Then shoot each other at the end? Or was she imagining some posse of women rounding up and shooting all the men? Who exactly is going to commit this genocide?

Thing is why is it commonly accepted that negatively stereotyping and lumping a group of people who share one common characteristic is not OK, unless that group is men?  How is that fair and equal? But it happens all the time, and nobody says a thing about it.

The crazy just needs to stop.

I for one acknowledge the many, many good men in this world. Wonderful men. Men who work hard to keep things working. Men who collect the garbage, fix the power lines, plumb the pipes, police the streets, defend the country, and all the other invisible and visible jobs good men who deserve respect and appreciation, not death threats, do.

The thing is, men don’t HAVE to do anything for women. They don’t OWE women anything. And the more women act so blatantly unappreciative and entitled, the less men will want to do for women. I don’t think that is in anyone’s best interest, including that woman’s.

So listen up sister — shut it! And perhaps you should be charged with hate speech and encouraging hate crime and lose your job and all status in society while we are at it. Just like a man would be.

Hate speech is no more acceptable from a “minority” or “disadvantaged group” than from a majority. And how someone who supposedly is for equality and human rights could possibly believe otherwise is beyond me.

What do you think? Please share in the comments, and remember to respect other commenter’s views even if you disagree. Thanks!