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As someone who grew up in a military town, I have met and gotten to know many war brides.

Now, the “war bride” phenomenon is one few want to talk about, or acknowledge, as it speaks to a part of woman’s nature that men cannot fathom and many women don’t want to admit, that yet is part of the female internal program.

In short, in times of war, women respond to conquest by adapting to the new reality. They will marry soldiers who recently killed their kin and fathers and sons and brothers. Because the harsh reality is, if they do not find a protector, they are as good as dead.

If they cannot line up such a protector for themselves because of age (post menopause) they will try to align such a match for their younger female kin like everyone’s survival depends upon it, because in a very real way it does.

All of the true war brides I have known (not just women who married American G.I’s stationed in their area in peacetime) all had a certain air to them, an air of regret and unhappiness. An empty, soulless look to their eyes. They survived, yes. But there was a high price to pay.

Women today are quite detached from the reality that all that stands between them and choosing war bride or death are their countrymen.

Trust me, your countrymen are the way to go. Always. Cherish them. Be loyal, supportive and true to them in good times and bad. Bring them tea and sandwiches. Have their back. And be sure to build them up. Little gestures they are, but to men they mean so, so, so much.

If not, your future is as (in)secure as the direction of the latest wind.

Let those who have ears hear.