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Commenter Fnu Mnu Lnu brought up an interestng point about the sometimes puzzling things women do. He says:

…if a man has anything to his name, some woman is going to try and latch on to it.

Just go to the section of the walmart parking lot where the homeless people live. There’s one guy who works there that has been living is his car for over two years. Nice kid, very quiet and reserved, not too sharp, and not even enough incentive to get his expired drivers license back no matter how much I’ve tried to help him. He will still be living in his car years from now. And guess what,…

Some chick is trying to latch on to him!

Five or six spots east of him, are a homeless couple living in their version of a duplex. Him in his Acura, and her in her Volkswagen. Always parked right next to each other, with windows down and smoking cigs that he went to get at the store.

There is a tent city just off the highway and before downtown FredNeck, and guess what. It’s nots only got men in it. The bitches latch on to whoever they can!

When I used to work in the courthouse, I actually watched the judges issuing orders against men and forcing them out of their own tents for domestic violence. Can you imagine? Bitches can get you kicked out of the house you bought from goodwill with money you made panhandling!

As long as he has a dick and any sort of money at all, some bitch will try to latch on to him.

I have also seen this in real life. Women attaching themselves to guys who have, as far as I can see, nothing to offer these women. So why do they do it?

Discuss… what’s behind this?