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This weekend I met a single woman who obviously took great pains with her appearance. Her hair was freshly cut and colored, her nails were perfectly done, and her clothes were stylish. Overall she was immaculately put together. But I couldn’t help but notice that despite all that, she was overlooking the biggest thing she could do to improve her attractiveness — lose weight.

These days nearly 1 in 3 people are overweight, and mentioning the fact has become almost taboo. We’re told not to “fat shame” and to practice “fat acceptance” but the reality is excess weight is not healthy or attractive on most people.

Even 20 pounds can make a big difference, as I found quite by accident after unintentionally dropping weight after a break up. I was so distraught at the time, I just couldn’t eat.  Despite not feeling good, suddenly it seemed everyone was saying how great I looked!

I could see that this woman would be a real knockout if she took off the extra 40 pounds or so she was carrying and was at a more ideal body weight (note: not overly thin or overly heavy.)

I know that gaining weight is easy and losing weight is hard, but it’s probably the best way  a woman can both reduce her risk of all sorts of health issues and dramatically boost her attractiveness at the same time.

Which reminds me, I have put on a few pounds myself! Time to cut the calories and increase the activity. Within a few short weeks I could drop the 10-15 pounds I have gradually regained, and I know I will be a whole lot happier doing that than I will be if I gain another 10 pounds by the holidays!