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I find it very ironic that many of the people who espouse to want equality, are now fighting it at the very most core level.

And that equality is in the ballot box.

Yep. Every American citizen over the age of 18 gets one vote. Regardless of class, education, gender, race, age, etc. Just one vote each. ONE.

And then, as the rules outlined in the Constitution state, in the case of the president, each state gets so many electoral college votes, and then those votes are tallied by state to determine the election results. It’s not perfect, but it is how the law of the land outlines the process.

Unlike in many countries around the world, we have a system that allows the people to peacefully, predictably, efficiently, and fairly choose their representatives in government on a regular basis.

That just happened. It was close, but a winner was declared and the loser conceded to fight the results no more.

But now, some are not happy because the vote didn’t go “their” way. These people who espouse equality are actually asking for privilege, the privilege to decide for others who our elected officials (especially the president) should be. They want THEIR vote to count MORE than others.

Can anyone else see how that crosses a line? Crosses a line in a core principle (equal rights under the law) that they themselves supposedly champion and hold so dear?

My rights don’t end, as they say, where your feelings begin.

It’s over, folks. For those who voted another way than how things turned out, it’s time to put on the big people pants, accept reality, and for each to do their part to move on peacefully and productively as individuals and all of us collectively as a nation. There’s lots of work to be done, roll up your sleeves and let’s get to it.

God Bless America!

(P.s. When are all those celebrities moving, again? Canada doesn’t have to take them, but they said they don’t want to be here so…go on now….. get….fffffftttt. And take the rest with you!)