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I have a friend who at one time had four children under the age of five, none of them twins. One thing I noticed, was she was nearly always in the kitchen.

Of course one reason was because all those people were nearly always hungry, so cooking was a needed task. And she enjoyed cooking and was good at it.

But I realized another possible reason for her retreat to the kitchen after noticing the same with my own kids — one of the few times my kids will entertain themselves and give me a bit of peace and quiet is when I am cooking!

I get the same effect, but less so, when I am housecleaning. The kids might interrupt but not nearly to the degree as if I try to sit down and browse the web, write a post, read a book, etc.

I am curious if other moms have noticed kids chillaxing while mom is cooking and/or cleaning? Are there other times you notice the same?

I realized why women didn’t rule the world shortly after having my first child, btw. Kids can prevent a mom from getting stuff done more than anything…. it seems! Lol.

Another thing I am realizing more and more. They grow up quick. Someday I will miss all this as I sit in total quiet reading a book and wishing the kiddos were still little! Sniff.

What do you think?