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Why are politics moving so far to the right? Because they simply went way, way, way too far to the left.

For some reason I am not seeing this explanation in news coverage of the election outcome. Instead, it is as if people are surprised, asking, “How did this happen?”

For example, when government goes so far to accommodate the bathroom preferences of the few, that they ignore the bathroom preferences of 97% of people, this happens.


While they may not see it, the left has increasingly lobbied for the rights of smaller and smaller groups over the past few decades, to the point that they were no longer representing the needs, wants, or social norms held by (even the moderates of) the much larger group.

When this happens, there is always a backlash. If the right goes too far hard right, the same will happen in the other direction.

Here’s an idea: Government could aim back more toward the middle of the bell curve rather than continuing to focus on the ever diminishing fringes.

A little bit for everyone works a lot better than a whole lot for a very few.

Marie Antoinette’s story, and many others in history, illustrates this. Once things get that polarized, there is no fixing it.

That’s how these things, and worse things, happen.