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Something supporters of making America great again should beware is falling for the bait.

By falling for the bait, I mean acting exactly like the other camp and the media wants so they can use that in their ongoing smear campaign.

Trust me, they would love nothing more than to publish quotes from people mouthing off or to publish photos of people acting like haters or facists. It backs up their narrative. Just don’t. Encourage others to avoid doing the same.

Don’t give them what they want. Let the other side continue to rant and rave and end up in the news for their ridiculousness.

Better to say nothing than to say exactly what they want. Or even to say something they can twist into exactly what they want. And trust me, if they can, they will.

Stoic and steadfast silence is a form of free speech, and there are times when it can say as much or more than a million words.