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Today I needed something to lighten my mood and sure enough I found it on Twitter.

A guy who I somehow stumbled across during the election stuff keeps getting banned, then keeps reappearing under yet another account, and another, and another. I believe he’s on his 16th account now.

For one thing he’s a real smart alec, and has a wicked dry sense of humor, but it seems what he says while exercising his right to free speech just has too much uncomfortable truth to it, so he keeps getting reported by SJW types because he’s “triggering” them.

As far as I have seen, he actually hasn’t said anything that remotely crosses the line of being ban-worthy. And yet he keeps getting banned, and he keeps coming back.

He now has followers (including me) who search for him every time he vanishes, so they can start following the new account. It’s hard not to cheer the guy on for just not giving up on speaking his truth.

Anyway, as if that isn’t entertaining enough (if you have a sick dry sense of humor combined with random insomnia like I do, anyway) today he decided “if you can’t beat them, join them!” And now he is reporting to Twitter every time a SJW says something that he disagrees with.

Oh the irony!

And there’s a stroke of brilliance to it, as well. When people try to discredit anyone who doesn’t think like they do with terms like, “hater” or “intolerant” or “misogynist” or “racist” or “sexist” or “whatever-ist,” why not just turn the same back, cry “victim” but louder? It’s just too easy! Why not add a bit of the hissy fit hysterical to it, just for laughs?

And watch the melt downs begin.

I like how this guy thinks!

In addition, he warns those standing up to SJW’s not to play the game too simply, for example by acting MORE of whatever they are accusing you of just to make them mad. Instead, turn their game back on them, play as he puts it,  a 12D chess game rather than a 2D one.

(Note: I’d link to his account, but it keeps changing. If you have been following the election stuff on Twitter, you’ve likely run across his antics by now and know who I mean. May he never give up the good fight!)