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Ok, I know this is somewhat off topic, but the more I dive into the red pill, the more it seems to be about a lot more than male/female dynamics to me — more about society and culture overall.

So with that said, what the heck is this business about some of the electoral college voters deciding how to vote on their own, versus voting what their state voted? Has this ever happened before? Does anyone know the legalities of this?

I find it seriously, seriously troubling. The electoral college system may not be perfect, but it seems to compensate for the rural/urban divide and give all regions a voice.

It seems to me people already mistrust the system to be working for them (rather than the powers who be) enough. Do we really need electoral college voters going their own way with things to add to that?

What do you think?

(Note the effort to ignore the Brexit vote in the UK that are underway as well… not very democratic?!?)